Teeth Jewelry Kits for Salons and Studios

Long Term attachment Starter Kit

Tooth Jewels attached with bonding and light cured composite stay for 4 months up to one year.

Starter Kit contains:

  • 50 Tooth Crystals in display box
    (pick color & size)
  • Curing Light unit
  • Bonding Liquid (55 Blister packs)
  • Composite 2g syringe w/applicators
  • 150 Cotton rolls
  • 3 Tooth Jewel handler books (20 each)

Kit includes LED Light

order it for $675.00

small crystals: Qty & colors
large crystals: Qty & colors


Charge $40.00 per attachment, your income will be $2,000.00 attaching 50 tooth jewels.

*Please check with your state law or dental board if you may attach the tooth jewels long term without being a dental professional.

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