Renee Jackson, 20-year old College Student
It's so cool! It didn't hurt at all and I love it!
My friend already wants to get a jewel on her tooth, too.

Dr. Andrew Gotelli, Dentist, Santa Barbara & Ventura, CA
For just $100 Dollar you can have a beautiful jewel placed on your front tooth which does not cause any damage at all. It is completely and 100% reversible but at same time is very strong and resists stain longevity for years, as long as you want it there and of course it can be removed by your dentist once you are ready to change color or just take it out altogether.
This is an exciting time in dentistry when a little bit of fashion is crossing over into the oral healthcare field. It's fun and easy and the complete procedure takes about 15 min. and is completely painless, no shots or anything.

Julie Szafraniec, RDH, C.D.A.
I LOVE MY TOOTH JEWEL!! I get compliments and questions about it every day. All my patients think it's cool. Thanks for making my smile the most dazzling & the greatest looking biker chick in our bicycle club! Best wishes for future success!

Jennifer, 21-year old Dental Assistant had her Tooth Jewel put on a front tooth and says: "I love the light reflection of the gem, when I go out dancing to the club", people often ask her about the tooth jewel and even her parents like her new "shiny smile", she says. Her boss happily attached the jewel, since it won't harm the tooth.

Wolfgang M. Boer, Dentist and secretary general of the German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry, has had nothing but good experiences with the tooth jewels. Aesthetics is a better motivator for dental care than fear, Boer knows and adds that he attaches the tooth jewelry only to teeth that are taken care of. Vanity as a driving force for prophylaxis is definitely an option! Economically, the tooth jewelry is only a light weight in his practice, however a positive way of advertising, binding young patients or acquiring new ones. Last but not least Boer says: "It's fun for me, and the patients love to enhance the beauty of their teeth. Finally, a stress-free visit to the dentist."



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