Dental Equipment & Materials March, 2005
by Dr. Sheri Doniger
Whitening center ... why not?

....What about some other adjuncts to help brighten and dazzle? We adorn ourselves with gold, silver, and diamonds, so why not do the same for our teeth? Two ingenious dental companies - Twindent SA and DecoDent - have brought into the market some jewelry items for teeth. These tooth gems are relatively easily affixed to the enamel with bonding and create quite a sparkle! I have added this to my practice, and it truly is a rewarding experience - both for the patient and me. For the “Sweet 16” party, homecoming dance, prom, or graduation gift, these little sparklers are a fun option to offer. Not only are teenagers getting into these gems, but patients of all ages. You never know who would be interested in adorning their teeth unless you ask them.

Bonding these tooth gems is easy. The dental assistant can place them on any buccal or facial surface, using a similar clear bonding material used with dental sealants. The time and materials involved are minimal. Once the crystal is attached, it usually is maintenance-free. These adornments are very popular in Europe and are just coming into the market in this country. Utilizing these newer options may open a sparking marketing opportunity for your practice.

We are always looking for a little niche or manner to make our practice and our place in our practice unique. Utilizing any of the above entry-level whitening procedures or tooth gems are great ideas for internal and external marketing. Not only for the young woman before a special event, but for a special birthday celebration, weddings, anniversaries, or just plain for fun.

Finding alternatives for our patients to enhance their esthetic and self-esteem sense assists in improving the marketability of our dental practices. With these other options we may offer to our patients, we are able to outreach to a wider variety of patients who may be on the verge of a more elaborate treatment plan. Helping patients place more interest in their dentition and more dazzle in their smile are our primary concerns. The dental assistant is integral in attaining these goals.

Dr. Sheri B. Doniger has been in private practice of family and preventive dentistry for 20 years. She is currently focusing on women’s health and well-being issues.

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