August 13, 2007
Shine On, You Crazy Diamond
toothy grin!

You’re a sucker for a sweet accessory. But when all your friends decided to spring for matching grillz, flashbacks of projectile rubber bands and French kissing gone horribly awry kept you from taking part in the bling bonding.

Next time, suggest DecoDenties. Designed to add a subtle sparkle to your pearly whites, the adhesive gems come in two DIY kits. The regular kit includes four crystal clear jewels and all the application fixin’s; while more adventurous types can go for the custom kit, which comes with six jewels in your choice of sizes and colors like light green, fire opal, dark blue, and peach.

The glue is FDA-approved, you can brush your teeth as usual, and the jewels stay on for up to a month (if your boss is a Debbie Downer, you can wear them just for the weekend, too), depending on your tooth structure and what you eat.

Flashback to dining with dental work?

Brace yourself.

Available online at toothjewelrykit.com.



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